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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as SHUL Ventures Pvt. Ltd. In Pest control Services.Company has experienced pest management professional staff and well trained operators to do the services efiiciently and effectively.

We provide following Pest Controll Services with an affordable price.

  • Cockroach Management – To avoid different types of species of cockroaches.
  • Bed Bug Management – To avoid Bed Bugs.
  • Termite Management– Treatment to avoid termite at buildings, home, offices (Pre and Post construction).
  • Rodent Management – To avoid Rat, Mice.
  • Mosquito Management – To avoid different Mosquito types.
  • Fly Management – To avoid house flies.

We also provide -

  • House Keeping Service – House Cleaning, Floor Cleaning of Commercial/ Residential.
  • Water Tank Cleaning – Residential and Commercial.

Note -There is no fee for inspection and suggestion to avoid pest at your premises.

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