Housekeeping Services

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as SHUL Ventures Pvt. Ltd. In Housekeeping Services.Company has experienced Housekeeping management professional staff and well trained operators to do the services efiiciently and effectively.
In a fast moving life we couldn’t find time to look after our home cleaning or office cleaning, so housekeeping service is the only option that can help out you. We will provide you the housekeeping service with experience and professional team.

Our Focus :

  • We just not focus on to cleaning or whitewash but also make sure that everything is in their place when service is done.
  • Whenever we doing services in offices we focus on that every document, electronics components, computer, etc. should be in there place and make sure that no equipment is damaged.

We Done all this :

  • Tank Cleaning .
  • Floor Cleaning.
  • Bathroom and Toilet Cleaning.
  • Bank premises cleaning.
  • Carpet, sofa, bed cleaning.

Note : We provide our service to Commercial as well as Residential area.

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Tank Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Sofa, Bed Cleaning