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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as SHUL Ventures Pvt. Ltd. In Gardening Services.Company has experienced Gardening management professional staff and well trained operators to do the services efiiciently and effectively.

We provide following Gardening Services with an affordable price.

    Landscape Designing :

    Landscape design services will increase the Beauty of your property, and also insure more natural touch to your home. We have experience gardening professionals who knows how to beautify your property.

    Lawn Service :

    When we heard word lawn what comes in your mind? Our children are playing in the lawn, we enjoy tea seating in the lawn. We have the professional garden contractor who can help you to grow lawn you always dreamed and also provide regular maintenance service when it needs.

    Maintenance Services :

    Made a beautiful garden is not the only thing, maintenance is also important. We have hard working manpower strength, who have the capacity to give quality service while maintaining your garden. Services that include Weekly maintenance, Replanting, Nutrition Plan, and Pesticide control.

    Terrace Garden :

    Many dreamed of spending quality time with family in his own garden, but can’t grow his own garden due to lack of space. Here the terrace garden is the best option even if you have tiny space. We can help you to create a decorative terrace garden.

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